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A case which gets scheduled on a following day is the Causelist. The case is heard by the courts on the following day after the scheduling of cases as done by the petitioner. With the advent of internet usage, the Indian government has now introduced an online facility of getting information about these Causelists and the scheduled cases. On the web servers of NIC, these informations can be retrieved. So, with the help of this website, the Supreme Court and High Court of India generate a daily, weekly and monthly Causelists. This site is updated on a real time basis, since many depend on the information provided on the site. This is very useful in figuring out the cases of an individual who is charged or have charged someone.

For having information regarding Madras High Court Causelist, follow this link: and under the section of High Courts, select the state: Madras.

Upon submitting, a new link opens up where two prominent tabs declaring weekly and monthly list is provided. The user or petitioner can select weekly or monthly list or can also enter the specific date to know only the cases to be heard on that particular date.

Here, on any of the three options to get the information on Causelists, the list can be seen as

  • Court Wise – the particular court number ranging from court numbers specified in the webpage is entered to get desired results
  • Judge Wise - name of the judge has to be entered and following results will be given
  • Lawyer Wise – name of the lawyer is entered, submitting the same would display the required results
  • Case No. Wise – searching particularly with a case number to get all the information regarding the case
  • Pet/Res. Wise – the complaint or charges levied can be known either by petitioner or respondent
  • Entire Causelist – this category gives a detailed list of all the courts of the state chosen covering the cases heard on those days.

The only difference while checking daily list is that instead of Pet/Res. Wise section, sitting arrangement category is given.

Moreover, this page also displays information about the new casetypes, list of subject/Act codes, coding sheet, filled coding sheet and guidelines.

It is advantageous since it helps advocates to generate their own Causelists marking the dates and course of their own cases. Even, the petitioner or respondent’s name can be retrieved.

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