Cause List

Cause List

What is Cause Lists:

It is a well known fact that cases fought in courts are scheduled according to the timings decided by judges and other authorities. Time frame is very important and is generally referred by the term cause list. If you want to know more about high court cause list you need to login to the website of aforesaid court which is hosted on NIC web server. Most of the courts in India deploy online web application called ICT that helps in creating daily cause list which improves efficiency of the working of courts. One of the best attributes of this application is that it quickly generates output and is called a real time system


Using above software you can create a cause list which would help you to prioritize your activities.

  • It would comprise of different cases and their respective timings
  • You can find required information by entering name of the petitioner or the accused
  • It is possible to get a series of cases that correspond to a particular court
  • Similarly you can find cases which a particular judge is handling
  • You can get daily cause list  of a particular day or the whole information depending on your requirements
  • You can get access to high court cause list  depending upon the case number as input

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